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I've recently got hold of a couple new DS games and have been slightly more than distracted. Having reached the halfway point in most of them, I've decided to write my thoughts on them. I decided to write about the title game first as it's one of the DS high points, a GTA game on a Nintendo console (not including the port of the original on the GBA). Now, most people would think that the DS limitations will lead to a watered-down version of the console versions of GTA, however on playing the game I found this to be very much incorrect (and yes, I've played other GTA games, namely GTA Vice City and San Andreas).

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News catchup time..

Am meant to be finishing up 2 informatics practicals for Fri... but my head's all fuzzy and my vision's all white. Guess its probably time to aerate the attic...

As implied, I've been busy this past week trying to finish up last minute projects 'n stuff. So now, time for a short break before crunch time.

There've been quite a few things last week I've got. First off, Big Bang Mini for the DS. A "Touhou" like shoot-em-up that's controlled entirely by the stylus. I bought it (having read the review over at IGN and Gamespot) with no major expectations... and what a package I've got (only for 20 pounds too)! Impressive fireworks displays and a gradually increasing difficulty coupled with an interesting interface makes this a surprisingly good game. I probably will write a review on this in the future, but for now take it from me that this game is really REALLY good!

Next, if you've been waiting for a Haruhi Suzumiya or Lucky Star sequel then this is probably the closest thing you're going to get for now:

It's based on what's considered to be the "official" parody manga (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan) by Puyo. It's a web release of approximately 5 minute episodes over in youtube by Kadokawa Anime, so go give it a watch. Also, there is a 4-koma manga called Nyoro~n Churuya-san by Eretto which has also been released over in youtube by the same people. Both web series are hilarious and Nyoro~n Churuya-san only takes 3-4 minutes, max.

Term ends officially today, though it technically ends on Fri for me. Whatever, can't wait for Friday. It looks as if the new 'Animal Crossing clone' game (Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times) from Konami comes out along with Suikoden for the DS. Really can't wait!



I did say sometime ago that I planned to flesh out my thoughts on this game, so here it is. Take note though that this is one person's viewpoint of the game and that in no way is the final word in rating the game. My advice, should you care to listen or read, would be to read reviews from other sites (IGN is a good place to start) to see how a variety of people go about playing and experiencing the game. Also, short history: this is DQ5's first time outside of Japan! Thank you Square Enix for allowing us to experience this game!
Alright, let's begin:

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Will like to know what the hell I'm going to do next year as it seems everyone's technically hung up on that sort of question nowadays. I wouldn't mind going to Japan to study manga or to America to study games (hell, I don't mind Japan for that either if they have a course for it)... but I dunno.

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i feel like someone's jiggling my shoe...

 Well, procrastinating doesn't really help with getting work done... but if all you've got to look forward to is pages and pages or small and relatively meaningless data then you'll know the feeling... maybe. oh, and studying. seriously, there must be someway to write academic text that isn't designed to put the normal student to sleep after 10 seconds of reading. on a side, I'm tempted to try what my polymer lecturer said, which is to dump some conc sulphuric acid into a bottle of (possibly dry?) tetrahydrofuran (THF I mean...).

just recently finished watching Allison and Lillia and also Bamboo Blade. The former being a anime equivalent of Tintin and the latter a Kendo anime about life and growing (of sorts). I would recommend both as they are (I feel) both good anime with a decent mix of action, comedy and drama. I might write a detailed review for both in the future, time willing, but for now, let's move on.

In the games department, I've recently got Dragon Quest 5 for the DS and man am I screwed for my exams... It is that good a game. Really. The story is compelling and is looking good so far I've played. The new feature of being able to recruit and train monsters is also unexpectedly addictive, which eats away time like it's a wafer-thin mint.

Apart from that, it's 'same 'ol, same 'ol'. See ya around.



Seems like a good time to write up this blog. This may work... heh.

So... this week. Nothing notable. It started snowing indecisively. Once, it decided to go into full blizzard mode with the snow valiantly trying to pile up despite the relatively damp surroundings. Most of the time, it slushed half-heartedly from the skies making trips down to the Chem department a relatively interesting, if not slightly extended, trip of sorts whether you're walking or on a bike, and don't talk to me about cars.

Drivers and bikers seriously need to start looking where they're going. Just around mid-week (I think) I witnessed a car slamming into someone. Well, 'slamming' may be too harsh a word... but 'nudging' lacks something. Nevertheless, the poor girl was literally swept off her feet (bit like watching rag-doll physics that). She however was able to limp her way to safety before being crowded by the obligatory sidewalk audience which serve no purpose but to hinder both her and her friend's attempt to try and get her some decent first aid. The driver, being the concerned man he is, abandoned his car in the middle of the morning traffic and stumbled to where the girl is to ask, "Alright, love?" or something to that effect. He may have done this to appease the general tutting that could be heard throughout, he may have even driven off after saying that. All I know was that morning I was late for lectures, so I legged it (hey, it looked like she had enough attention, I don't think I would have been of any further help as my idea of first aid of that sort would be to leg it back to my room, have a good hearty meal and watch some Top Gear or anime).

Oh, another sorta highlight o' the week, how's everybody's 14th Feb? Hope those couples out there like what they got... well, maybe not. Nothing much happened that day, really. Oh, I did go out to watch a movie that night. Now, I'm not a great fan of movies, but I've got to say that "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" really is a great movie. It's nearly 3 hours long so you'd think it'd be a snoozefest halfway through. Nothing could be further from the truth. From start to finish the movie had grabbed my attention, drugged and tied it before throwing it into it's cupboard for safekeeping. The premise itself is interesting and the movie had done a great job portraying the life of Benjamin Button via excellent narration style, a lively cast of actors and some quite funny moments. The mesh of different emotions the film brings out of you will be a testament of how good a movie it really is.

Well, not much again. I don't really have much more for show and tell, so I guess I'll end it here for now. G'nite.




No, I can't think of a decent subject title, so I decided for that. It may be related to the fact that I'm in the Chem dept, it may not. Depends really...

Anyways, it's the same ol' week as usual... with some interesting spikes of interests. Last Monday, in fact, it snowed quited heavily over in Cam and it settled quite nicely. Went out to play in the snow with a couple of friends and ended up with a snowman and his hippo in a makeshift fort. It was the first time I've experianced such a thing and I'd like to do it again. It didn't help much that the snow started to melt and instead of more snow we got sleet for the rest of the week making journeys wet and slippery. The snowman's lost his head during the course of the week and things don't look so well for it now...

On a side note, on the same day, some guys went to a different area of the college and built an impressive snow.... cock. Yeah, you read it. Unfortunately finding pictures of it kinda in the process o' negotiation, but once I get them I'll put 'em put for general amusement. The best bit was where they built it... right in front of the college's day care or nursery! Brilliant! The penis was chopped in half the next day, presumably because they don't want kids to ask some relatively awkward questions or something (wimps, whoever did it). I can imagine the scene now...

Girl points to the aforementioned structure.
Girl: Mommy, what's that?
Mother pauses, before answering cooly.
Mother: That is a statue of daddy, sweetie.
Mother then walks over and does a karate chop cutting the snowcock in half.
Mother: It's not something you should see, now come along.
Girl walks over to fallen piece, picks it up and starts to...

Fill in the blanks!

In the games news, there is excitement. There is always excitement but it is exciting nonetheless. Anyways, there are a couple of DS games I'm looking forward to (currently My World, My Way) and there are some Wii games that have AWESOME written all over then (in particular House of the Dead Overkill, Techu 4 and Deadly Creatures).

Finally, something I recently got addicted to: Top Gear. I find the series so bloomin' funny, especially the big challenges the 3 presenters have to go through. It's a show about cars and I admit I have very little interest in them. However the show does away with all pointless numbers and stats and deals with more important questions like: "Will this car work if I dump it in the ocean?" or "Can we send a car into space?" and even "Can a caravan holiday be fun?" It's a great show and I love how the 3 presenters (Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond) bicker and play pranks on each other, yet still maintain their relationship as friendds (barely it seems in some cases).

BBC Top Gear
: Has the episodes to watch (7 day limit) and a vast collection of classic must see clips!

I would put up the Top Gear's official website, but as it's videos tend to be editted to be much shorter than they actually are (via cutting key/irrelevant/downright funny scenes from the clips) I'll leave it to you, the reader, to type the words 'Top Gear' into your default search engine. I'm sure on of the forst few links (if not the first!) should send you in the right direction along the information superhighway.

Yes, no vids this time. This post is also in essence a bit late than I would have liked it to be... but I'm still going! Technically...


and once more...

A new year's resolution! To try and keep this blog floating a bit more longer than it should! lol

Seriously though, I would like a place on the interwebs where I can look back 10 years from now and laugh at my feeble attempts at humour for attention.

Anyways, I'm back and I'm planning to at least have an entree once a week (shock!). It would help if I had a fixed day to do this on, but I can't think of one. So it'll be random for now.

Anyways, what's been happening? Well... NMR!!!

Flash Chromatography (hell)!!!

Charlie the Unicorn (ep 1 & 2)!!!

Hopefully the steam won't run out. See ya next week (maybe)!


on again.

been back home in Brunei.... and trust me, the internet speed back there is absolute shyte. 5 kbps? No thanks.

Thankfully, I've returned to the uk for further studies, which also includes a much better internet service and hence a possible continuation to this blog.

Uni starts in a couple of weeks time, so I'm just resting for now. Don't wanna imagine what the new term's gonna be like, though I think I know enough to be able to visualize it too easily.

My WOW campaign has temporarily ended for now with a multitude of characters:

Telatha, lvl 59 Night Elven warrior
Aybera, lvl 20 Dwarven hunter
Reene, lvl 16 Forsaken warlock
Dwella, lvl 14 Gnomish mage
Yoriko, lvl 20 Human priest
Gretha, lvl 16 Tauren druid
Frolla, lvl 23 Draenei shaman
Odette, lvl 9 Blood Elven paladin
Grothok, lvl 10 Orcish rogue

What a bunch, huh? Might make for a story, this cast might. ^ ^ Can't forget about the upcoming Death Knight character too. I wonder how that'll work out.

Now for some vids:

Yay! ^ ^



Haven't been on at all. Nice. Got Final Fantasy Advance A2 for the DS and it's awesome... and kinda scary. I mean, playing through the fist couple of chapters or so I have this feeling that I'd be spending lots of time on this game... not good when I'm already WOWing online and playing Okami on the Wii, which is again another excellent game. Okami is meant to bee on the Wii, fullstop.     ^ ^
Nothing much else newsworthy.



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